Conditions Of Entry
Please remember that the Committee and others helping at the festival are all volunteers who give their time free of charge to plan and run the festival.

The conditions of entry are to ensure the smooth running of the festival and it would be helpful for you to read them.  To help you we have put them into three sections - the entry process, preparing for the festival and at the festival.

Entry is deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions of entry.

Entry Process
     1.   This competition is for amateurs. Full time students at vocational Dance school or colleges may not compete in the festival.
     2.   Entries can only be accepted via the online booking system which opens 10am Monday 10th June.
            If entering as a dance school the dance teacher or nominated person must submit the entry on behalf of all the dancers.
            We can not accept indiviual entries unless they are private  entries, therefore not part of a participating school.
            The closing date for entries is Monday 22nd July or once all the classes are full.
     3.   All information provided on the entry form will be kept by the festival solely for the purposes of organising the Festival and this                         information will not be passed to any third Party. A copy of your entry will automatically be forwarded to you once you have                  submitted your entry together with an invoice which must be settled by BACS payment within 5 days. 
     4.   The age of the competitor will be taken as the first day of September in the year in which the festival is held. Incorrect age may
            lead to disqualification. The age of the eldest performer determines the correct class in duets/trios/quartets/groups.
     5.   The committee may combine classes when entries are small and divide a class when the entries are large.
     6.   A performer may only enter once in each solo class but may enter more than once with a different partner in duets/trios/quartets.                  Where disciplines have been combined for duet/trio/quartet classes dancers may perform with the same partner provided that the               discipline is different e.g. a song and dance duet and a tap duet entered in the stage duet class. Where possible, substitution of any                  competitor in duets/trios/quartets should be notified to the secretary before the commencement of the festival so that certificate
            and report sheets can be amended. We cannot guarantee to provide an amended certificate and report sheet where substitutions
            are notified at the festival.
     7.   A performer may only dance in the section they have been entered for therefore will not be permitted to dance up an age group.
     8.   By entering the festival you are agreeing to the child protection policy and creating Safer festivals for everyone which is contained                 within the syllabus and our privacy policy (please refer to separate web page for full details).

Preparation For The Festival
    8.   Teachers/ Competitors need to check the website for festival timetable information.  In exceptional circumstances if access is not                   possible please contact us via email so a soft copy can be sent to requesting email address
    9.   Competitors must provide their own music on a CD that should be clearly labelled with the performers name. The CD should only                  have one continuous track recorded on it to ensure that there are no breaks in the music during the performance. A music system                  will  be provided and operated by festival personnel.
   10. Music for Song and Dance / Musical Theatre sections must not include singing or chanting on the backing track. Music for tap                            sections must not include recorded tap or similar sound effect.
   11. The festival is affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals and participates in a group licence to cover payment                 of  fees for the use of recorded music at the event. Entrants using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they                 should seek permission to record from the record companies concerned.
    12. Time limits must be strictly observed and are set out in the syllabus. If a dance overruns the committee/adjudicator has the right to
            stop the performance or disqualify participants.
    13. The stage dimensions are: 32ft x 25ft (9.75m x 7.6m) with a slight rake.
    14. Pointe work is not allowed for performers under the age of 13.
    15. Acrobatic work is not allowed but gymnastic dance is permitted provided that it is combined with a modern dance technique.
    16. Performers are not allowed to dance with large/dangerous/breakable props or any electrical devices. Erecting or dismantling props              must  not be completed on stage and should not unduly delay the festival schedule.
    17. The title of the dance will be announced for Character, National, Greek and Group/Troupe performances. Any synopsis provided                    should not exceed 30 words, these should be clearly written and handed in back stage 30 minutes prior to the section.

At The Festival
    18. Performers are admitted to the hall free of charge for the session which includes the dance in which they are competing.  Two                           complimentary teacher passes will be issued per dance school and can be used when accompanying their pupils.  All others                                  attending the festival must pay the appropriate fee to enter the venue.
    19. Photography or video recordings are not permitted on any device in the auditorium except by the official festival photographer.
    20. Mobile phones should be switched off at all times in or around the auditorium.
    21. CDs must be handed in at the collection point 30 minutes before the start of the section.
    22. Sections may start up to 30 minutes before the time in the programme and performers should be ready to dance 30 mins in advance             of the advertised programme time, in the event that the festival is running ahead of schedule.
    23. Performers 11 years and over are not allowed to re-dance except for technical reasons as determined by the festival official or                         adjudicator.
    24. Only Performers are allowed on the stage.  Teachers and licensed  chaperones are allowed in the wing area for ages of 6 and under   
             at the discretion of the festival officials.
    25. Communication with the adjudicator by performers and other interested parties before or during the festival is not allowed. 
    26. The adjudicator’s decisions are final and no discussion or communication will be entered into during or after the festival.
    27. Places and medals are awarded at the discretion of the adjudicator.  The adjudicator may withhold some or all places if the marks are             not considered to have reached the required standard.
    28.  All trophies should be cleaned and engraved at the winners expense and should be returned to the festival during the first part of                   the week of the festival. Where a trophy is not returned in good time and condition for the prize giving, a minimum fee of £50.00                     will be charged.
    29. Lost property recovered at the festival will be disposed of if unclaimed 4 weeks after the last day of the festival.
    30. Please remember to collect your certificates by the end of the festival. Unclaimed   certificates will only be retained for a few weeks               following the festival.