Orpington BOPA
Please read this information carefully and share it with all your pupils and parents who are taking part in the
Orpington Dance Festival

We will be collecting information required (via entry form) by  Bromley Council, who are the local authority for our dance festival and have issued us with our BOPA. The way in which our festival has been licensed may be different to some of the other festivals you have attended, so please don’t be surprised if we do things a bit differently. We hope that the festival will run smoothly and be enjoyable, whilst ensuring that the dancers’ well- being and safety are paramount.  

Dancers will be looked after back stage and whilst dancing or being adjudicated on stage by our volunteer helpers, who will all have the appropriate accreditations.

AT ALL OTHER TIMES as in previous years- the dancers and all other children will be the responsibility of their parents or carers including when they are in the dressing rooms, the auditorium,  in the toilets, the canteen or moving around the school.
(You do not need a chaperone licence to look after your own child in the dressing rooms).

Dancers will be checked in against the programme at the front desk when they register and again backstage when they report for their section, as has always been the case. We do not encourage parents or teachers to remain backstage, unless it is necessary for the dancer’s well- being, but we do of course understand that the younger children may need some reassurance backstage. If you do think you will need to come backstage and have an existing Chaperone licence, please bring it with you to the festival as would be extremely helpful.

We regret that in the busy run up to the festival, we are not able to answer individual queries about the BOPA but hope that this information will be useful to you.